Data Scientist Workbench aims to be your one-stop shop for data science tools. At this time, it includes Jupyter notebooks and Zeppelin notebooks enabled with Spark integration, as well as R Studio IDE and OpenRefine. You can use notebooks to develop and run data science projects, as well visualize, document and present your analysis.

For more information, take the Data Scientist Workbench Tutorial on Big Data University.

Requesting your own Data Scientist Workbench

Go to Data Scientist Workbench and click the big blue button. After completing the registration, you will receive an e-mail with instructions.

Hello World

To get a feel of how the Data Scientist Notebooks work with Scala and Spark, follow the steps below to load a "Hello World" notebook along with its sample data.

  1. Go to Data Scientist Workbench and click the My Notebooks menu.
  2. Use the search bar to import the following file and notebook.

    • Notebook: https://share.knowledgeanyhow.org/#/api/v1/workbench/

    • Data: https://share.knowledgeanyhow.org/#/api/v1/workbench/

  3. Follow the notebook!

For more details on sharing data and notebooks, check this guide.